Gush & Send Yourself On A 4D3N Trip To San Francisco!

Hey everyone! The Gush Chase is on the search for the ultimate influencer to cover *Gush 2012 in San Francisco on 25 August 2012! 
*Gush 2012 is the worldwide launch party of Gushcloud, happening in a series of concerts in San Francisco, Singapore and Malaysia. 

If you have an account for at least 3 of the following social media – Instagram/YouTube/Blog/Facebook/Twitter, enter the chase and you may just find yourself on the way to San Francisco! 
The winner of Singapore will win an all expense paid 4D3N trip for themselves and a friend to San Francisco, inclusive of flights, accommodation and travelling allowance of 120USD per person. Plus, he/she will get to cover the event on social media and interview acts like The Cab, Hellogoodbye and Mayday Parade! 

Two runner-ups will get to cover the Gush 2012 concert in Singapore.

Alternatively if the winner is unable to attend the event in San Francisco, he/she can opt for USD1,000 in cash.

How awesome! Winning is easy. This is how: 

The Gush Chase runs from 4 July – 6 August 2012. 

To enter:

    • Log on to via Facebook or Twitter.
    • Click on to the ‘Profile’ button located at the top right hand corner
    • You will be directed to your profile page, after which you can click onto ‘Join the Gushchase’ Tab to join the contest!

Competition prize list:

Influencer competition:

1st: 4D3N all expense paid trip to SF OR SGD$1,000 (cash)
2nd: SGD$550 (cash)
3rd: SGD$450 (cash)
4th: SGD$350 (products worth)
5th: SGD$300 (products worth)
6th: SGD$250 (products worth)
7th: SGD$200 (products worth)
8th: SGD$150 (products worth)
9th: SGD$100 (products worth)
10th: SGD$50 (products worth)

Battle of the bands competition:

1st: 4D3N all expense paid trip to SF OR SGD$2,000 (cash)
2nd: SGD$1,100 (cash)
3rd: SGD$900 (cash)
4th: SGD$700 (products worth)
5th: SGD$600 (products worth)
6th: SGD$500 (products worth)
7th: SGD$400 (products worth) 
8th: SGD$300 (products worth)
9th: SGD$200 (products worth)
10th: SGD$100 (products worth)

Good luck!

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