Pink Parade

Had a dinner date with my 2 BFFs Alvin and Joyce. This is another one of my long running friendships. We went to school together and used to stress over assignments and projects. Now we’re stressing over wrinkles and adult life. 
I was really happy that the Noir necklace I ordered arrived. Shopbop is really quick. They deliver in around 3 working days? Of course, free international shipping is absolutely awesome. Took it out on our dinner date with my pink heels and judging from the first photo, Domo clearly approves of my outfit. Haha. 
Dinner was a major food fest at Skinny Pizza followed by desert at Swensen’s after. We don’t do meet-ups that often, but whenever we do, it’s always nothing short of perfect. Big love!
(Random denim shirt, Zara skirt, H&M heels, Noir necklace, Balenciaga clutch)

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