A Dash of Bright Blue & A Whole Lot of Zebra (+Tocco Tenero Giveaway!)

Those who know me all know that I have a crazy love  obsession with bags and shoes. So it came as no surprise that I was immensely thrilled when bag brand ‘Tocco Tenero’ dropped me a line with an offer of their bags for me to try. A quick google of their brand revealed gorgeous leather bags in all shapes, sizes and textures. How could I say no? Excited much, I headed to their store at Wisma Atria for a look and to pick my bag. Like a kid in a candy store, I had the hardest time picking just 1. This is why:

Man, I’ve died and gone to ‘Bag Heaven’! A quick check on the prices revealed that all these goodies are all priced below $200. Wow, such insane prices for good quality leather bags! I was also told (by a really sweet and friendly sales associate) that the stores provide leather maintenance service for customers at no charge. Bring in your bags anytime for an on-the-spot clean. I was very impressed. 
Spotted this at their shopfront. 11am-3pm ladies! Get your shopping on! 
After much contemplation, I settled on the bag of my choice and this is what I got. The ‘Fiore’ tote in animal print horsehair with pebble grain cowhide. (The retail price of this bag is $199, for those of you who are interested.) Isn’t this bag such a good-looker? Animal prints are another obsession of mine and I (almost) cannot resist anything gorgeous in leopard or zebra prints.

So, the boy and I decided on Saturday to take the camera and bag out on a shoot fashion blog style and this is what we got. 🙂

I’m a happy camper with my new bag!
(Pink Flare ‘Flip Me Over’ Dress, Tocco Tenero ‘Fiore’ Bag, The Editor’s Market Heels, ASOS/McQueen Armswag, Rolex Watch) 

Tocco Tenero is giving away this beautiful tote bag in leopard print (shown in the image below) to one lucky Jeneen’s Neverland visitor! To enter, all you have to do is ‘Like’ their Facebook page, share this post (on their page) on your Facebook wall and leave the comment  ‘I Tocco Tenero’ with your email. Contest ends 1st April. Good luck! 

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