It’s Power Plate Time!

I’m happy to say, that filming for ‘A Song To Remember’ has wrapped! Wheeee!! It’s been good fun on set, but I’m glad to have my freedom and life back. No more early wake up calls! 😀 Here’s a shot of me on set. (Thanks Eelyn for the shot! I’m loving the ‘artsy-fartsy’ feel of it.)

The first thing that I’m going to do now that I have more time, is to get back to Power Plate classes. For those who are wondering what Power Plate is, it’s basically a machine (as shown in the photo below) that vibrates and helps the body work 5 times harder and reduces a 2.5hours workout to a mere 25 minutes. 
I’ve attended about 6 classes of about 40 minutes per class, and I’ve been blown away by the results. I’ve never seen my body tone up so quick. Prior to trying out Power Plate classes, I’ve done yoga, pilates mat class and all sorts of other things, but I’ve never seen any results that quick. It’s supposed to reduce cellulite too. 
I was actually so convinced at the first trial lesson that I signed up for a package right away. (I’m usually skeptical and seldom sign up for packages anywhere. It’s very hard to earn my money. Haha) 
So yes, I can’t wait to get back to classes. I’ll probably try and squeeze twice weekly classes from now. Say hello to the soon-to-be lean mean machine!! *rawhhhhhh*
Here’s the studio that I workout at for those who are interested:
Block 8D, Dempsey Road
#03-06 Singapore 249672
Tel: 6474 4133
Have a great week ahead everyone! 

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