Cetaphil Giveaway!

I’ve always heard about Cetaphil products and how gentle they are on the skin, but I’ve never tried them until a week ago when I was given a sample pack. I read up on the products before I gave them a go and found out that Cetaphil products are free of fragrance and avoids the harshness of soap. 
This got me pretty excited as I’ve got sensitive and easily irritable skin. My skin hasn’t been in the best condition with my recent hectic schedule and has been even more sensitive than usual. It turns slightly red and stings when I apply my usual skincare routine. Hoping that my skin will calm down, I ditched my usual skincare routine and tried the Cetaphil Skincare Plan:
1. Skin Cleanser: Cleanse with the gentlest of cleansers.

2. Moisturizing Cream: Moisturize and stay hydrated all day long.

3. Sun Screen: Protect yourself from sun damage.

After a week of use, I’m actually surprised to find that my skin is less sensitive! It doesn’t turn red or sting anymore, and feels a lot more comfortable than usual. I slowly introduced a couple of my other skincare products like the Clarin’s firming cream and Shiseido’s lotion back to my routine and my skin remained calm and did not flare up. 
To be honest, I was slightly skeptical with the cleanser when I first used it because it doesn’t foam, and feels so gentle. I’m used to using cleansers that really foam up and ‘look’ like it’s giving my skin a good clean. However, my skin actually felt cleaner than usual after I used it, without the usual tight feeling I get from my other cleansers.  
I was also worried at the start that the moisturizing cream would cause my skin to be too oily as it is for dry, sensitive skin whilst I’ve got oily/combination skin, but the cream felt quite light on my skin and didn’t produce any excess sebum. 
Usually, I’m also not a fan of putting sunscreen on my face (although I know how important it is) because I don’t like the oily, sticky feeling. The Cetaphil sunscreen however, feels light on my skin and most importantly, doesn’t feel oily. A big plus: the high SPF! It’s SPF 50+ and UVA 28. Hmm, it looks like I’ve found my answer to a sunscreen. 
Final verdict of the 3 products: It’s great for sensitive skin (like mine). Really calms and cleans and seems to balance out the PH level. My skin is less oily after a week of use. Although, I do wish that the products smell better so it’s more fun to use (the products are non-fragranted and don’t really smell like anything), but I guess the lack of fragrance is key to it’s gentle formula, so I really shouldn’t complain. 
Here are some key features of Cetaphil products:
– Suitable for all skin types.
– Ideal for facial and full body use.
– Works effectively without causing skin irritation.
– pH-balanced non-soap formulation.
– Can be used with or without water
– Recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians worldwide.
The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser has won numerous awards this year – The Guardian Health & Beauty Awards, Watsons Health, Wellness & Beauty Award and Unity Popular Choice Award. 
Here’s a tip from me that I swear by to have cleaner and brighter skin: Wash your face for a longer duration. I usually put a song on and wash my face for the entire duration of the song (about 3 minutes). This habit has put the zits at bay for me!

I’ve got 4 sets of Cetaphil travel packs up for grabs! All you’ve got to do is tweet:
4 Cetaphil Travel Packs up for grabs! Tweet this & stand a chance to win! More abt Cetaphil on @jeneengoh http://www.xoxojeneen.blogspot.com/   #cetaphilsg

Giveaway is limited to one entry per twitter account, and for those residing in Singapore only. Giveaway ends 16th September.

Cetaphil is also having roadshows island-wide where their bundle packs can be purchased for a discounted price and where customers can also try their luck at the cash-grab machine! Every Cetaphil woman’s a winner because all you need to do is buy a Cetaphil twin-pack for a sure-win chance to grab an iPad 2, $688 or Cetaphil travel pack every hour. There will be 4x ipads and 3x$688 to be won per day in total.

Below are the dates for the roadshow:

See you!!…and don’t forget to tweet for the giveaway!  

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