I Can See Clearly Now!

I had tea with my lovely girl-friend Joyce at Arteastiq Cafe, Mandarin Gallery 2 weeks ago. (Yes, I know my blog is really backdated…but I’ve been trying to stay off the computer and rest my eyes!!) The interior of the cafe is really pretty.

I’m loving the pop-coloured chairs!
Meet my friend, Joyce. 🙂

And her super cute and funky shoes!! It’s an Adidas X (something), I forgot.
Hello! This is me in glasses. I met her 1 day before my scheduled eye Lasik surgery and had to lay off contact lenses (4 days prior to surgery). I believe it was the first time I went around town with my glasses. It felt weird!

Nice. I’ve always liked random texts and scripts running across spaces.
I’ve been thinking about getting script tattooed somewhere on my body – but I still don’t know what to have, and where to have it.

I had rose bud tea – very fragrant.

And a wrap/soup set. Food standard is pretty good, I must say.

And here’s me, post surgery! I hope I don’t scare you guys, but I was feeling really uncomfortable…hence the grimace on my face!

Goodbye, and good riddance!

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve corrected my eye-sight and it feels great to be able to see the world clearly without aid.


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