Old Playgrounds

The boy and I were running errands around Clementi when we stumbled upon this old looking playground that looks like its been abandoned by children who have moved on to shiner, newer grounds. You don’t see much of these sand, tiled walls and simple slides at playgrounds anymore. It’s mostly rubbery mat floors (I think that’s what they are now?) and complicated looking contraptions.

So, we decided to reminisce our childhood a little by taking some pictures and fool around the slides.

I’ve grown a lot taller since!

I can’t remember what I was laughing at now.

This is my newest ring. I love of course, that it’s a leopard (strange obsession I’ve got with leopards. The boy thinks I’m going to be one of those aunties sporting super loud and gaudy looking leopard printed clothes next time! -_-), and that it comes in 3 parts – tail, paws and head.

//Jumpsuit outfit by Pink Flare.

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