For those of you who love Korean fashion, the online store: www.tangers.com.sg is a must visit. They’re stocked with a whole lot of lovely Korean-styled clothes, and they’ve even got these pretty Korean girls to model their stuff! Being a huge fan of Korean fashion myself, I was thrilled to be sent a tulle skirt from their store. Look on and you’ll see me flouncing around in it!

Here are some of their models. Pretty!
This is the black version of the tulle skirt I was sent.
The one in ivory.
It kinda reminds me of the piece Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City!
Some pictures of the skirt that I took:

And me, flouncing around in it.

This is how I wore it.

And went on a lovely date with the boy. 🙂

Some information about Tangers:

· tangers pronounced as ‘ten-jurs’, which means Tan girls

· New arrivals launched monthly

· All tangers’ products are made and designed in Korea

December’s new range to be launched on 5 December 2010!

And here are some of my picks from the store!

They’ve even got a ‘cheap thrills’ corner, where apparels all cost below $40. Perfect for the budget shoppers.

Christmas Promotion:

Tangers is now offering free Christmas gift wrapping coupled with a one day delivery service with any purchase above $50/- for this festive season! (more details available on www.tangers.com.sg)
P.S For those worried about buying clothes without trying for fit first, Tangers is now available at 44 Haji Lane (level 2, turn right). They’ve stocked clothes imported from Korean suitable for work, formal and informal occasions.
So head on down, or log on to www.tangers.com.sg for your Korean fashion fix!

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