Prettify Me the Nail Therapy

I went for a mani/pedicure session at Prettify Me the Nail Therapy 2 days ago. (Isn’t the logo so cute?)

What hit me when I first entered the shop was how cosy the place was. I love how the interiors are mostly white and have a warm cottage feel to it. The whole place smelt really nice and there was light jazz playing in the background. It’s the perfect relaxing setting for a pampering session. Plus, the chairs were really comfortable. I almost fell asleep in them.

I love the murals on the wall.

Get your nails ready for Halloween with OPI goth colours!

They’ve got over 300 colours for you to choose from. What a huge variety! I really hate how some places have got really limited colours and you’re stuck because there are no colours that you like.

I’m always a fan of pop colours.

Took a while to pick my nail colour because they’ve got so many. I decided on purple for my toes, and pink sparklies for my fingers in the end.

Pampering Done! The hand and foot massage was awesome. Now to allow my nails to dry.

Pretty pink sparkly nails! I opted for square shaped nails like how I always do, and was totally impressed that my nails were buffed straight! This may sound silly, but I’ve had many instances where my nails were buffed crooked and it really bothered me.


I especially love the colour on my toes.

Here are their prices. They’re giving a 20% discount till 14th November. So go hurry book your nail pampering session!

I’m hooked. Prettify Me is where I’ll be for all my nail needs from now.

Prettify Me is located at:

100 Orchard Road
Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall

To make a reservation, call:

6735 7728

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