My Weekend ‘Citi’ Diary

Everybody needs a good credit card – one that suits your needs and ‘works’ for you. This weekend, I took my Citibank clear card out everywhere and I charged everything to it. It was so convenient to go ‘money-less’!… plus it earned me lots of rewards points. Shopping vouchers here I come again! 🙂
And here’s my weekend ‘citi’ diary:

First up, I cut my hair! Finally! It’s a lot shorter now (and browner), and so much easier to manage. I’m thinking of even shorter still. Probably next time!

This is my hair stylist, Dexter (2nd from left). He’s awesome and he’s located at Next salon, Ion. I never have to worry about how my hair will turn out when I go to him.

… Then I went to Ms Selfridge and used my Citi Rewards voucher to get a lovely dress for the night. Love it that I didn’t have to pay for my dress!

Zipped in to Starbucks for my caffeine fix before I went home to change for the night.

Spending at Starbucks: $7 = 7 Citi$$

This is the dress that I got! Wore it to meet the girlies at Butter Factory that night. We had an awesome night, and one too many drinks. *hic* Heehee.

Bumped into Jerilyn! ~ from when we were filming R.E.M. 🙂

Spending for the night: $172 = 172 Citi$$

On Saturday, I went with my sister to watch ‘Voyage De La Vie’ at RWS.

Absolutely love how these shows ‘transport’ you to another fantasy world for a couple of hours.

And then mumsy came and join us for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe.

The interiors of Hard Rock Cafe. (The mac & cheese was really really good.)

I heard that the popcorn sold outside Universal Studios was to die for. I had to try!

We shopped around at the Hershey’s store after. (Garrett popcorn! The caramel flavoured is super yummy.)

And fooled around in the store. Haha. Lots of kisses for the Hershey’s kisses!

I love this shot of mumsy. She was giggly and shy! (the rareness.)

Such huge chocolate bars!!

And an even larger one!! It was heavy!!

The Hershey’s store.

Oh my gosh. Look! It’s Reese’s!! I love Reese’s!!

We got really excited and couldn’t wait to eat it. Mmm…Mmm…

The next day, bright and early, I met the girlies for brunch at ‘Wild Honey’, Mandarin Gallery.

We waited almost an hour for our table, but their breakfast sets are worth the wait.

And I got my ‘I luv NYC’ set with my Citi card!

Went to watch the movie ‘Inception’ in the later part of Sunday. It was awesome!! Director Christopher Nolan is amazing. The movie got me at the edge of my seat the whole time. It’s been a long while since I’ve watched something this good!!

Movie tickets: $22 = 22 Citi$$

And I had to end the weekend with a couple of books to last me through the week.

I love bookstores. I can spend all day browsing.

2 novels and my must-have fashion magazine fix for the month.

Spending at Kinokuniya: $41 = 41 Citi$$

I had the loveliest weekend…

All thanks to my Citibank Clear Platinum card! Have you gotten yours yet?

My total spending for the weekend at nightspots/cafe/bookstores categories = $242 =
242 Citi$$$

It’s so easy to accumulate reward points! You earn 5x rewards when you spend at your favourite hotspots such as:

Nightspots/ Cafe/ Retail/ Music Stores / Book Stores/ Cinema

Each dollar spent earns you 1 Citi Dollar. You could redeem lots of lovely stuff with the Citi$$. Eg. 642 Citi$$ earned could exchange you a pair of Golden Village movie tickets – free! Shopaholic me love exchanging Topshop, Ms Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins or other favourite retail store vouchers. 1000 citi$$ usually gets me a $20 store voucher. Whee~

I chose to have the Citibank Clear Platinum card because it suits my lifestyle. Citibank has lots of many other different cards to suit your lifestyle and needs. You can check them out here:-

Plus, if you choose to sign up for a card from my blog:

– Successful applicants for both a Citibank Credit Card and Citibank Ready Credit enjoy a $40 TANGS shopping voucher.

– Successful applicants for either a Citibank Credit Card or Citibank Ready Credit enjoy a $20 TANGS shopping voucher.

Comparatively, offline signups will not get any vouchers.
Plus, you double your chances for the “Win with Citi” promotion!

“Win with Citi” promotion:

1st prize: Round the world trip for 2 plus $10,000 spending cash.
2nd prize: Trip for 2 to Rome
3rd prize: Trip for 2 to Vancouver

Plus every month, you stand to win:

Either a trip to Hong Kong for 2
Travel Insurance


There are way too many promotions and rewards for you when you sign up. Take a look at all of them here:

So what are you waiting for? Hurry go sign up a card of your preference today!!

To sign up and enjoy $40 or $20 TANGS voucher (exclusive on blogs online), click here:

7 thoughts on “My Weekend ‘Citi’ Diary

  1. By sean on My Weekend 'Citi' Diary on 8/15/10

    hi there, came across your blog from a mutual friend. yes i must compliment you on your citibank blog entry. i have been a citiback platinum clear member for many years and i must say its the best card. comprehensive coverage in many places. as well as value added points system for our spending. bottom line is, at e end of the day, the customer (us) is happy. thank for your post!!:)

    Hi Sean! I've had my citibank card for years too and I too agree it's the best card. Thank you for liking my post and stopping by my blog!


  2. Hi.. I saw ur online shop web on 8days magz.. Awesome that you made it to be advertised on 8-days magz.

    Anw, I hope you would be kind enough to share where you went to trim ur eyebrowns? Yours is very nicely done, thus I want to trim mine as well. Thanks in advance!! =)


  3. Hi.. I saw ur online shop web on 8days magz.. Awesome that you made it to be advertised on 8-days magz.

    Anw, I hope you would be kind enough to share where you went to trim ur eyebrowns? Yours is very nicely done, thus I want to trim mine as well. Thanks in advance!! =)


  4. Hi Jeneen, may i know where did you buy the denim crochet dress as seen in the picture of you holding a book in a bookstore in this post? It's pretty! Thanks in advance! (:


  5. Hey myprincessgem and Alicia! I'm having on a denim playsuit actually, it's not a dress. And I got it from Zara.

    stubborn_gal: I actually trim my own eyebrows! I prefer to be in 'control' so I'll get it the way I want.


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