Chinese New Year is officially over! 15 days (almost) of feasting, visiting, gambling and fun. 🙂 Did you all have a good one? I did! My ‘ang pao’ collection this year was exceptionally good (~whee!!) and I had so many ‘lou hei’ sessions this year (+pineapple tarts, my absolutely favourite!). 2010 is going to be 旺! 😀

Lou Hei 001

My family had our reunion dinner 1 day earlier because my sister is now married and has to go to her hubby’s side for reunion dinner on the eve.

My favourite bit of lou hei – the crispy ‘gold’. Yums!

“huat ah! healthy and prosperous tiger year, successful business, good health, lots of balenciagas, miu miu, chanels (did I say that out loud? opps.), sweet relationships etc etc.” In my family, auspicious words are all spoken in English. Haha. No one really knows the mandarin versions very well.

My grandparents in the picture are 80+ years old already! Still so fit and strong. 🙂 (I’m wearing Pink Flare’s #Friday’s Child Playsuit in blue by the way.)

I went to Chinatown at 2a.m on new year’s eve. Everything was going at super duper discounted prices! I remembered staying up till 7a.m that day. Do you all know the superstition of staying up late on new year’s eve to ‘prolong’ the life of your parents? Mine are going to live till 100!

Lou Hei 002

Lou Hei with the extended family on New Year’s eve.

My big family! A lot of new baby additions these few years. I’m so glad my relatives are not the sort who asks when you’re going to get married, what are you doing now blah blah blah. 🙂

1st day of New Year. My house is all decked out in red and we are doing the traditional shots by the pusiwillow. (Without my sis this year. Boo!!)

Domo is wearing his chinese traditional costume!


And Domo went to ‘bai nian’ with us. Darn nobody gave him ang pao. It would have made his ‘niang’ here very happy. ;P

And that’s my daddy’s dad. My grandfather who is 90+! Yes, I have grandparents who live till really ripe, old, healthy ages.

Lou Hei 003

1st day of New Year at Uncle Eddie’s place.

And another big family!

My best cards at blackjack. I got really lucky this year and actually won everytime I gambled!

Scooted off to John’s place to ‘bai nian’ on the 1st day. The theme for the party was ‘red’. And everyone was dressed in the colour. Very auspicious start to the new year!

Lou Hei 004
At my own home on the 2nd day. Mummy was very generous with the abalone.

Hehe. This is Domo’s guilty, ‘please don’t scold me face’. (He’s trying to keep very still here.) He ran out of the gates just before and got everyone panicking.

And soon he got tired of acting ‘guai’. And had to put his very heavy head on the table. He does this a lot! Props his head on everything he sees.

Lou Hei 005

At Cecilia’s place. (And wearing Pink Flare’s #Grecian Goddess!)

Bai nian-ing to the mistress of the house.

We had steamboat! Super yummy.


Lou Hei 006

At James’s.

Biggest lou hei ever!

The party’s theme was ‘cat print’ to be in line with the Tiger year. Can you spot all the subtle prints?

Lou Hei 007
Teochew style lou hei with my family (again). I prefer the ‘normal’ ones.

Lou Hei 8

And lastly, lou hei with the sparkle girlies at Sushi Tei! Typing this is making me feel like having sushi tei again! I am super addicted to their food.

The lou hei was so huge for the 3 of us. We tried to eat and eat and eat, but it looked like we hardly touched the plate even after we were done and stuffed.

So that’s a grand total of 8 lou heis this year. All that tossing and muttering of auspicious words better account to something! Haha. Huat everyone!!


One thought on “Huat!

  1. OMG. Domo's guilty face cracked me up. HOW HILARIOUS IS HE??!! Yes, I remember the put-head-on-table pose too. I wonder why he does it. His head very heavy meh?

    Aiyo, he's too cute lah.


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