Where did ’09 go?

I ask myself if 2009 was a good year and I can’t decide.
It was a rather good year with regards to work, with myself really satisfied with a number of projects that I took on. I am particularly happy with Pink Flare, my online store that was born at the end of ’09. It’s a project still-in-progress, and a “baby” that I’m really excited about and have new plans for this new year. I took my (hopefully) yearly happy trips to Tokyo, Seoul and other places, am sometimes amazed that Domo is still alive – happy and healthy ( I was worried I wouldn’t be able to be a loving, responsible dog owner at the start!), and I forged and built stronger relationships with the people whom I love.
Affairs of the heart however, was completely tumultuous and I never felt my heart suffered so. Feelings of pain were so intense at times, and so choking that I didn’t know quite what to do. But the bottom line is, lesson learnt, and I survived through it all. And I’m sitting here, happier now and definitely stronger and appreciating the people who stood by me even more.
So, I guess that didn’t sound all too bad did it? Anyhow, c’est la vie~ what’s past should remain so, and I have these little resolutions that I’ve made up in my head and am excited to follow through this new year. Tick tock, the clock doesn’t stop running even if you do. So chin up! Carpe Diem! Best of luck for 2010 everyone!! xxx
Pictures from New Year’s Eve party!
Love the festive decorations!
Hosts of the party – Noah,
and James.
Great view of the fireworks from the Swisshotel.
Rocky presented Noah with a fabulous award for being the star that he always is. 🙂
Pretty pictures on the wall.

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