Singapore Idol ’09

I wasn’t too psyched when my sister first called to ask me to go watch the Singapore Idol finals at the Indoor Stadium. But, I thought it’ll be a great opportunity for some “sister bonding” time and agreed to go with her.
(Sylvia Ratonel was formerly from Temasek Poly where my sister now lectures. Hence the tickets.)
I’ve heard Sylvia sing a couple of times on TV and caught a couple of the finals trailer featuring her. I’ve even met and spoken to her in Mediacorp’s make-up unit. I think she’s really pretty and has Fantastic vocals. I love the huskiness of her voice! Obviously, we were all rooting for her in the stadium…she sounded great live and her strong vocals blew us away. We were really really disappointed with the results… 😦
My sis and I walked to Brewerkz before the show for dinner.

Me wearing the “Sunday Best” dress from Pink Flare!

These two little kiddos – Megan and Gabriel were strong supporters of Sylvia. Megan even drew a little banner in support. So cute!!!…and she cried when the results were announced. 😦

That’s Sezairi’s supporters in green on the left, and Sylvia’s supporters in pink on the right. We’re still hoping she’ll be picked up by a label for an album. This girl needs to be singing!

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