Does a Name Maketh a Person?

Someone remarked to me recently that my name, “Jeneen” suited me a lot. That it sounds melancholic, like me. And it dawned on me that yes, I Am usually melancholic, and quiet (unless I know you well), and dreamy. I prefer sappy sad songs to happy upbeat ones, sad movies rather than the funny ones and I do allow myself to sink into pensive and moody moments, even subtly enjoying it at times!
Which makes me wonder, does a name maketh a person? Did my name “Jeneen” make me who I am today? I mean, my dad couldn’t possibly have taken one look at me when I was born and decided that I’ll be “Ms Gloomy” right?
Hmm…maybe I should change my name to something springy and sprightly like “Selene!” (my sister’s name. She’s an energiser bunny!) Would that change me as a person for my remaining years?
Hmm…so, do you guys think that a person shapes to their name? Why not give me suggestions for some happy names! (I don’t think I’ll ever change my name, because I do actually like it very much…) But, it’ll be fun! Please start leaving comments! 🙂

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