Style Mondays 005

I was getting bored of the plain black tights, but can’t ditch this style yet…just because it’s so convenient to wear under short dresses, shorts, huge shirts etc. Was scouting around for something different, when I saw these lace tights! I admit I’ve been influenced by “Gossip Girl…” these tights are ‘a la’ Blair Waldorf, and I love them!

Blair Waldorf

I like the design of this lace.

Alexa Chung wearing a fabulous mini Chanel
frock and a pair of black floral crochet tights by super luxe legwear maker, Fogal.


Blair Waldorf and her different “tights” styles.

If you’re daring, you can even try white tights! It’s a much harder look to pull off though.
So many “tights” pictures to share with you all this week. 😀 I got kinda excited and carried away. If you babes see any nice lace tights in the stores of Singapore, leave me a comment! I’ll go grab some!! 🙂
P.S Oh, I think these tights look really good under a huge white shirt too.
~ Have a lovely week!~

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