A Day of Coincidences

As part of a module for school, we were brought around the grounds of Mediacorp yesterday to understand more about media production. We were led to the TV theatre to observe the rehearsals of “Vasantham Star.” Coincidentally, it was the same TV theatre Star Search was also held in 2 years back. It brought back memories!!

Contestants rehearsing on stage.

And that’s us in the same theatre 2 years back! 🙂

That’s Desmond and I during rehearsals one day. It’s always really cold in the theatre…hence the thick jackets!
And what another coincidence…we were all to meet at our fabulous diva, Noah’s birthday party after! :))) Diva Noah throws the most fabulous parties every year. New Year’s, birthdays, BBQ get togethers, etc… It’s really sweet that he takes time to plan these parties for us to get together…or we’ll probably hardly get to meet.

Happy Birthday Noah! (That’s his new line of tees behind us…labeled “EGOTRIP”. Great designs!!)

It was a Neon theme party. So colourful!!

Of course, we Had to steal the stars off the cake and fool around with them… **Shine & Sparkle on all**!! 🙂

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