"These Are Afew Of My Favourite Things…"

Domo snuggling on my lap during car rides.

Sushi! I luv Japanese food, especially the “kanimayo tobikko” from Sushi Tei. This photo was shot with Nana, the Japanese girl from Osaka staying at my mummy’s homestay. 🙂 Pretty girl!… She’s going to bring boys to her feet when she grow up.

Yami Yoghurt. This reminds me so much of childhood. When I used to have it at Thomson Plaza. I re-discovered it at Ion whilst shopping with mummy today. I’m so happy Yami is back in Singapore. And as a footnote, I had the loveliest time today spending the day shopping with mum. I seriously think I have the best mum in the world…don’t we all think that!

My hairstylist, Dexter. I used to have really thick, unmanageable hair. It all changed after I met Dexter. I luv his haircuts and styling. He’s always so current and stylish! He has just moved to Next salon at Ion as Creative Director. I have to mention that Next at Ion has the best hairwash! It lasts for a good 20 minutes, and the massage is heavenlyyyy….mmm….Plus, they have the plushiest, most comfortable sofa seats for you to sit on when you do your hair. Seriously, no more butt aches from sitting on those hard salon chairs during long processes such as rebonding, colouring, treatment etc. Yay!

P.S. Dexter also does hair for Stefanie Sun.

Next salon is located at Ion, #03-24. Make an appointment with him at 6509 0330!

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