Fabulous Friday

Met the always lovely Jasmine for late afternoon coffee today at a cafe (I forgot the name of the place…-_-) at the spanking new Ion. I like Ion. It’s got all my favourite brands under one roof. I expect it to overtake my previous luv, Ngee Ann City really soon. Opps, did I say “previous” already?…Nothing lasts forever!
Finally satisfied my fries cravings from the night before. Not exactly the conventional type of french fries, but these will do. They were rather yummy.

Fries fries fries…I’m hooked on fries!
(I have to interrupt and say that my internet connection is SO slow!! It’s taking forever to load my pictures…grrr…)
Ok, back to “fabulous friday,”…didn’t intend to do any shopping today, but I couldn’t resist Steve Madden. It’s my favourite shoe brand when I used to fly to LA often! So happy that we’ve finally got a store here in Singapore!! 🙂 My loyalty to Pedder Red (another of my favourite shoe brand) is going to be tested. Again, nothing lasts forever!

Yayyyy!! New sandals!! I cannot resist shoes or sandals with a slight wedge. 🙂

Lovely Jasmine tea…only because, I always meet her up for tea. Haha. (Corniness) I am looking a tad pale in the picture…all that whitening products must be working?!

Bought these bunch of stuff today in the name of good skin. And that Avene skin calming cream…to hopefully clear up the red patch left over from that scar patch!! (refer to previous post). Yes, my skin is still red! And turning slightly brown in fact…I think bits of my skin peeled off together when the scar was being removed. Rawhhhhhh!!!
And, the highlight of today! – Alex’s photo studio opening party! Met friends whom I haven’t seen in ages. Desmond, Weilie, Yahui, Jackson, Jiayi, Elaine, and Alex of course. It was so nice to see everyone again and catch up! :)))))
Group shot I. I’m like so small! I need to stand on an apple box…or remember to tip toe the next time I take a shot with them. Haha.

Complete group shot II. Good luck with all that you’re all doing guys! Luv!! xxx

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