I tend to have blackheads forming on my nose. After asking around for tips to clear them, I got these:-
A friend passed me this advice from a dermatologist. “Do not put any moisturiser on your nose if you’re prone to having blackheads clog the pores there.”
It made sense, because blackheads often form because of excess oil secreted by glands in the skin. So, less oil (from the moisturiser) equates to less blackheads, right?
Another recommendation from a friend, is a “Pro Sebum Gel” from the brand “B’liv.” The gel contains tea tree oil and salicylic acid that softens and clears blackheads. It’s the brand’s No.1 product. (This product is available at SaSa.)

B’liv blackhead remover gel
I’m going to stop moisturising my nose, and probably get the gel. I’ll let you all in on how it’s working soon. And maybe you’ll like to try it too…so you’ll always be able to put your best, blackhead-less “nose” forward! 🙂

P.S Please leave a comment and share with me any tips on removing blackheads if you’ve got any! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tip!

  1. there's this pore minimizer cream from shiseido pureness range. its quite good! it has a minty feeling to it. it makes your pores disappear (or at least to me)!

    they also have this other gel containing the acid you mentioned, for pimples and scars. its quite good too. if i have a bump coming, just dab onto the spot. the next day it sort of dries the pimple. just make sure you dont have itchy hands like me! i will usually squeeze my pimples thats why have scars!

    the pureness range is blue in color and quite affordable. you should test their cleansing water!!! it really removes EVERYTHING! your skin feels really clean. try it out at their counter! you will be amazed. i sound like a shiseido sales girl. haha :p



  2. candy: wah, you make those products sound so good! I probably will want to try the pore minimizer cream. you definitely sound like a shiseido sales girl! thanks for the recommendations!

    bbabyprincess: i use kose's black mask too. but it's not enough!! 🙂


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