The Rudeness of it All

I had encounters with two very rude people yesterday. Two in a day! What are the chances! -_-

The first was one involving a new classmate. (I’m tempted to write his name, but I decided…maybe not.) It involved something really simple, really. I asked him, on behalf of my group members for a piece of testpad paper because I saw that he had the whole pad. The first time I asked, he went, “Huh?”. I repeated myself, and to my shock, he made a really rude, disgruntled face and ripped off the paper from the pad in a very unhappy way and shoved it at me.
Now I’m thinking, maybe he pretended to not hear me the first time! I was very confused by his behaviour. It made me think. Perhaps he wasn’t too well-off and a piece of testpad paper was very dear to him? But then again, he comes to class constantly very well dressed, and sure does not look like he can’t afford a piece of testpad paper. Then why did he behave this way? What is the point of all his loud socialising in class and having everyone “luv” him when his core was so selfish and rude? Hmm…anyhow, his two-faced behaviour puzzles me.
The next encounter was with this person when I was filming earlier in the day. A bunch of us were crowding around a conference table getting ready for a scene when someone on set told me to adjust my top. (It’s normal for crew on set to remind us about things like that, but they really do always say it in the most polite manner.) I adjusted my top, and this “rude” person said loudly in mandarin, “ni zao geng liao” and grinned. (To explain loosely, it means: “you’re exposing yourself.”) I wasn’t the only one appalled by his rudeness. My friends beside me looked equally as shocked as me when he said that out loud. Huh?? How can a guy say that to a girl infront of so many people?
To make matters worse, he made another very rude remark to me later in the day. I’m not going to share it with everyone now, for my privacy sake. The thing about this guy, is that he’s saying these things completely without thinking even for a minute that he’s being rude. I’m so surprised really, how tactless he is. I hope I never get to meet him again.

One thought on “The Rudeness of it All

  1. I had a classmate in secondary school who would charge us money for everything she “gave” us, e.g. a piece of test pad paper is 5 cents, etc.


    As for that rude person, just take it that he's got a sad life and probably lacks love. No use wasting time wonderin about such people.


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