Post Exam Mortem

Yayyyy!! Exams are finally over! *jumps around* It’s been a really rough two weeks – with trying to concentrate on studying, and coping with this other heart-breaking news I got. Don’t really want to talk about what happened, except that it really got me down. But! I guess the sun will shine again in neverland…soon. 
To those who left me comments on my Mocca TVC, thanks a lot! I got them, it’s just I haven’t had much time to reply. 🙂 It’s definitely deeply appreciated. -xxx-
First up! Some of you may already know that my daddy is in real estate. He’s got a new website up. Please do visit if you’re looking to buy, sell or rent anything. I’ve set up a link on my sidebar too. Thanks!! 🙂 
And…I’ve been wanting to post this entry long ago…the girlies and I had a really nice escape in the city a couple of weeks ago! My sis had an extra room booked because of the change in her dinner venue, and she passed it on to me. (Thanks che! ) We had a fantabulous two nights stay choked full with stuff to do. 

First night – That’s me, Cecilia, Stephaine and Angelia. Stephaine’s bosses had a table booked at Luna. It was a strange place for us to go clubbing, but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. And we could stagger back to our hotel after the night ended! 😀

The next day, after a longgggg slowwww brunch at the hotel, we went over to Liang Court for snacks and magazines for our swim at the pool . 🙂 
After our leisure swim and snacking by the pool, we got ready for our night out. First stop – to fill our hungry tummies: Ramen at Tampopo. “Kyushu Jangara Ramen…Dai Suki!”

It was coffee, and then we were off to the F1 pit building for the Fuel Party! But, so much for VIP invites…we didn’t have much fun. The place was empty! We couldn’t wait for Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan (hopefully), and headed over to good ‘ol Zouk instead.

Yeah we had fun…and “cam-whored” our way to the car…:)

Yay! “Home-sweet-Home”.

We are very messy girls!

We drew on the slippers to differentiate the pairs! (Mine’s the ice-cream and lolli one)

And that was it! We packed our bags for check-out, grabbed lunch at a Hong Kong cafe the next day and went back to our separate homes. 🙂 
I had fun. 
Till next time….♥!

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