Wedding Bells ~ Love Rawkz!

My sister got married on the 22nd May. Her special day flew by with a mad flurry of activities from the moment when we woke up a tad bit too late. My sister, who has already moved out a year ago, came back home to sleep over the night before her wedding. She chose to sleep in my room for a night of pre-wedding bonding. It was sweet having my sister sleep beside me. Wish I had more time to chat with her 😦 … but I was so busy with the pre-wedding preps, and packing my luggage for the hotel stay with my other girlie friends (more on that later). 
So, I suggested we wake at 6am to start getting ready, but my gung-ho sister decided we should wake only at 6.30am. Which pretty much meant that we greeted the photographer and her make-up artist slightly bleary eyed and still in our pyjamas. No time for a morning coffee, breakfast or anything slow of that sort. We jumped, or at least I jumped from sleepy-mode to red alert – so many things to do before the groom and his band of brothers arrive! Had to dress up, slap on make-up and do up the hair quickly to look pretty for pictures, prepare all the ‘torture’ tools for the band of brothers, dress up domo, settle in the jiemeis etc etc. You get the idea. I was in a swirl. 🙂 
The day wedding activities went great. Weather was good, no rain (thank gawd!), the groom and the band of brothers had a hard enough time trying to ‘get’ the bride, tea ceremony was sweet, good spread of buffet for everyone and we were always on schedule. 🙂 There were smiley faces all around and my sister was gorgeous. With the beaming “jiefu” in tow, they were basking in the glow of love. 
“Jiefu” – that’s a new term for me in name-calling. (just in case, it means brother-in-law in chinese for those who don’t know) I addressed this new member of the family with this new rather affectionate term (it is to me at least!) during the tea ceremony, and I was so happy. And that was pretty much how I felt the whole day. Happy. So happy for my sister that she has found someone to share her life. Someone who truly loves her for who she is, and who takes care and protects her… Having seen my sister through a fair share of rotten eggs and heartbreaks, I am glad that she has found her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 🙂 
I teared at their solemnization ceremony, and teared at their speech during dinner. I was tearing everywhere! I’m really not usually such a cry-baby, but I was really choked full with joy.
I think that the evening dinner went great too. All the wedding guests came, partied and left. And together with them, flew away the bunch of butterflies that were eating up my stomach. You see, I was my sister’s mandarin wedding emcee for the night. Mandarin is pretty much not my forte for public speaking, and hence, having to address a huge crowd of relatives and friends in mandarin got me pretty jittered up. I was sneaking in moments throughout the day madly trying to memorise my mandarin lines and trying not to speak like a english potato…
Right! Enough of me writing already. Here are pictures to document this happy occasion. 🙂 

“Yummy treats” specially prepared by the bunch of jiemeis for the band of brothers. Hehe.

Domo peeking into the room to check on us!

My sister, the lovely bride. 

A sister moment. 🙂

…and more.

Kissing Domo.

And here’s Domo in his little tuxedo! He looked happy all day too!

“Soliciting” the groom for more door money.

Domo checking out the band of brothers under the Sudoku task!

Trying his best to serenade the bride.

…and Finally!

Serving tea to the jiefu.

My happy parents.

Family. 🙂


Sending the bride off!

With my robust looking grandparents. They are both almost 90!

Muack! Even my parents felt the love.

Daddy walking my sister into the solemnization ceremony.

Whee! Married!!

Entering the ballroom. I love my sister’s gown!

Me together with my butterflies and co-emcee, Edward up on stage.

It was love and smiles all around.

My sister and her jiemeis.

The girlies in the family. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Wedding Bells ~ Love Rawkz!

  1. I was waiting for this entry 🙂 And strangely, reading it made *me* tear. LOL!

    Awwwwww. Such a nicely written entry lah. Sniff.

    And yes, we *so* should have woken up at 6pm. Heh.


  2. thanks qi! 🙂 i think my grandparents are amazingly strong for their age! and they don't even do anything in particular to take care of themselves!


  3. che: i took a long time to put this entry up cos' i knew it'll take me a while to write and sort the pictures. i'm glad it's finally done! aww…you sweet. :)) luv ya!!


  4. Yes and no. It's best you go see her, so that she can let you know how much to cloth and what type of cloth to get, but if you can't get it on your own, she has samples in her shop that you can select too. Only that it's limited. 🙂


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