Kinder Surprise!

Kinder Surprise was my absolute favourite chocolate when I was young. Yummy milk chocolate coupled with a silly toy. The toy was always too plasticky and to be honest, rather useless. But I still loved the whole gimmick of it all. 
It was really sweet that someone remembered me mentioning about Kinder Surprise. He gave me a surprise with the updated version – Kinder Joy. 🙂 It’s always these little gestures like remembering what you said that is so heart-warming. Thank you Mr Mole!
That same day, we brought Domo to Bookcafe for brunch. Or rather, our brunch. No dog food sold there….there are so few pet cafes here in Singapore! Here’s Domo decked out in his Peanuts tee I got from Tokyo, looking happy! 😀 

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