Singapore International Film Festival

I attended the opening screening of the Singapore International Film Festival today. Creative Room, the production house that I worked with for the Citibank advertisement, “Broken Shoes” very kindly invited me along as it was also the first screening of the advertisement. 
The opening film – “Sincerely Yours”, was a story that dealt with issues such as love, survival and the fighting spirit of humans. Such raw portrayal of real life always gets my mood a bit low. Anyway, it was a good watch nonetheless, and inspiring to see so many passionate film makers come together. It’s all for the love of film and making them!
If you’re interested in catching any screenings, do log on to for more details. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Singapore International Film Festival

  1. Awww! Domo getting more & more cute lehz!
    Esp that pix you took with him under the entry ” Morning Ritual”, so cosy feeling.. So sweet!
    Hey, is Hougang far for you? There is a groomer who does poodles not bad [in my opnion]located at Hougang. There's where I bring my MS doggie for grooming.
    I hope Domo is getting better now. =D


  2. hehe, thanks Joyce Stella. Domo is much much better now! I’ll be bringing him for a check-up again soon. 🙂 And yup, he is very cute and sweet. haha. thanks for the referral, but hougang is a bit far!


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