sleepy Domo

I brought Domo to the vet, and my poor boy has quite a few problems of late. He had ear infection again after returning from the groomer’s. There’s something not quite right the groomer is doing and I’m really looking into changing a groomer for him. If anyone knows a groomer who does poodles well, please let me know! 

Also, the vet deduced that Domo has very sensitive skin (just like his daddy…). His skin flares up easily and he gets rashes and scratches himself incessantly. Sigh…the vet and I are trying to work something out to find out the root problem. Domo may be allergic to certain kinds of food, or perhaps its the heat, or maybe it is inborn. The vet suggested I stop feeding him freshly cooked beef and vegetables and stop giving my boy snacks. He wants us to put Domo solely on dried pet food. Domo is surely going to be a really really miserable boy. 😦 
Also, Domo has a rather gassy and sensitive tummy. He gets bloated and farts really really smelly farts! (again, like his daddy..haha) Domo is basically showing signs of all hereditary poodle breed problems. Really worrying! He has a whole bunch of medicines and pro-biotics for all his problems. It pains me…and I wonder what I’m doing wrong for him sometimes. Or maybe, he just has lots of inborn problems. 😦 
I just showered him with this special shampoo that is supposed to calm his skin. It seems to have worked, because Domo was surprisingly calm after his shower…even after I blow-dried him with the hairdryer. Usually, he gets into a crazy frenzy after and tosses around really crazily like he is really irritated. I guess, this mild shampoo is really helping calm his skin. 
I’m keeping my fingers and toes really really crossed that all these supplements and medications are going to help him. He is a really strong, healthy boy in every other sense…I just hope his skin, ear and tummy problem goes away completely. 
He has brought so much sunshine and smiles to my life. Even my mum, who used to forbid me from keeping dogs love him to bits. You know, I try and come home early or stay home just for him sometimes. Haha…Get well soon Domo!! xxx
Domo was named after the cartoon monster – Domo Kun. Rahhhhhhrrrrrr!!!!***
According to Wikipedia, “Domo-kun is known to pass gasrepeatedly when nervous or upset.” Haha…How apt!!

4 thoughts on “Domo!

  1. Hi jeneen, i bring my toy poodle to barks and bubbles. so far so good. the owner who is also the groomer owns toy poodles as well! she is quite good with poodle grooming.My girl used to have skin problems too, scratching and licking herself frequently. ive been giving her dermatrix and i find that it does work well to her skin problems. you may want to try too:)


  2. Awwwww. No more fresh beef? No more fresh veggies? No more snacks??Domo will indeed be very very sad!Dried pet food sounds really boring and erm, card-board-y.


  3. Hi Baylie,Thank you so much for your recommendation. I’ll definitely try Dermatrix on Domo. And maybe bring him to barks and bubbles the next time too. Thanks!! 🙂


  4. Yes ene,I’m not cutting out the fresh food from Domo’s diet first. I’ll try the shampoo and supplements, and see what happens. So far, the shampoo really seem to be working. Domo is scratching A LOT less!


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