Itchy Scratchy…:(

Domo hasn’t been well of late, and it’s extremely worrying. 😦 It all started one night when I was cuddling and patting him, when I felt lumps and bumps over an area on his body. I checked and found that his fur at that area was all tangled and clumpy, and he had a lot of black scabs on his skin. I checked other areas of his body thoroughly and found more slightly bloody tiny black scabs. I panicked, and thought it was an attack of the ticks or fleas. I couldn’t sleep well that night and even had nightmares of fleas eating into Domo’s face and body. Yucks. It was horrible.

Early next day, I brought Domo to the vet and thankfully or not, it was not an attack of the ticks or fleas, but a skin infection that Domo was having. Domo apparantly has sensitive skin (like his owner, goodness! >_<) and it could have been his shampoo or dust, or food that brought on the allergy that led to the infection. Sigh…I guess I felt a bit better that it wasn't fleas. The area most badly affected was shaven off and Domo was given antibiotics and creams to make him feel better.

It’s been a couple of days, and the worst affected area is looking a lot better, but new itchy scratchy spots seem to be coming up and certain areas of his body still looks rather inflammed and uncomfortable. Boo!!!! I’m really worried! I hope he gets well soon. 😦

5 thoughts on “Itchy Scratchy…:(

  1. thanks dearie! he's going to be shaven tomorrow…i wonder how a botak domo will look like. >_< i hope pistol's doing much better! give him a squeeze for me!! 🙂


  2. Haha. The funny bit is, he wasn’t even vaguely ill when the photo was taken! He was just sleepy and lying in my bed. LOL! I think it’s the dishevelled hair. Or rather, fur 🙂


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