When Domo met Pistol

Domo had a doggie date on Sunday with Pistol, the golden retriever.

Pistol – the handsome golden retriever puppy.

Domo, in his baseball shirt. (he needs a grooming session!)

The two boys didn’t hit off immediately…they were very distracted by all the other dogs, food and people in the cafe.

Angelia, Pistol, Me, Domo. It’s really difficult to get a clear shot of domo! He keeps fidgiting…tsk tsk , whereas Pistol is always camera ready. 🙂

Domo went for a grooming session soon after, and he came back looking super coiffed!…and extra stylish with his discotheque glasses. Haha..:D

4 thoughts on “When Domo met Pistol

  1. hi where do u get the white glasses domo is wearing at the end from? i’ve been looking for it since i saw brendan from panic at the disco wearing it at singfest! lol


  2. i got the glasses from a ‘goodie bag’ at a press conference…not sure where the organisers got them! sorry! but i think i saw some at ‘River Island’? maybe you can go take a look there. 🙂


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