Domo’s New Friend

Domo in his hip-hop bling top…complete with hood! Wassup dawgggg!

Introducing Yuki! His fur is like his name – white and soft like snow.

Sniffing each other out

Domo; “Hmm…do I like your scent?”

Domo;”Hmm…Maybe not…” Tsk…so ‘dao’ Domo!!

4 thoughts on “Domo’s New Friend

  1. Heya Jeneen, Haven’t been onto your blog for the longest time! Hope you’ve been well! 😀 How’s everything going?We should so have a doggy play date with my Mungdol and your Domo lah! hahaxoxo J


  2. Hi J!!Everything’s going pretty ok on my side…how about yours? Haven’t seen you in ages….:) A play date with the doggies sound excellent! haha…we really should plan one!


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