Hong Kong II

Next stop —- Disneyland!!! 😀

Their signature Disney train. Whee~ I’m excited already!

The entire train has been ‘disney-ed’ out. Even the handle-bars are Mickey Mouse shaped.

Extra-large Mickey Fantasia Hat.

…and we’re here! 🙂

My all-time favourite cartoon character – Ariel. I remember watching ‘Little Mermaid’ sooooo many times when I was young that I could sing along to all the songs and I even knew their dialogue!

We had to take a photo with another of Disneyland’s signatures.

Goofing around in their store. :p

Elaine looks like a ‘ge ge’ princess from ‘huan zhu ge ge’!


A High School Musical float.

Trying to be astronauts in ‘Tomorrow Land’.

A Disney musical! You know how Disney cartoons always break into dramatic song-and-dance during their cartoons? This was exactly like one of those. It’s kinda weird that all the characters there spoke Cantonese, but it was still good nonetheless.

Pretty “Small World” It’s one of the newest attractions at Hong Kong’s Disneyland.

I know I’m a little too old for this…but who can resist the spinning tea cups! I was spun back to childhood!

It was really really hot, so I bought a mickey fan to cool myself down….only to find it rather useless. It didn’t produce much wind! It was just …..cute…haiz!

We had to do the Disney touristy thing and take pictures with all the characters! 😀

Let me be Cinderella!!!

The fairy-tale like carousel…where’s my prince and his white horse!?

Magical colourful Disney parade…check out the floats!

Hong Kong Disneyland is probably the smallest of all the disneylands, but it still got me really excited to be there. Elaine, my cousin calls me the 夢幻公主 – where everything in my world needs to be pretty, glittery, pink and fluffy. Haha.

And all good things have to come to an end. 😦 ….here we are waiting for our transport at the lobby (posing with one of the many sculptures scattered all over the hotel).

And miniD eats again! A dumpling at “Heng Heong” restaurant at the airport. The old wive’s cake that they sell are really delicious!

Our loot of perishable goods we had to cart back by hand.

Bye bye Hong Kong! I’ll be back!

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