I just masked my face with Laneige’s Strawberry Yoghurt Pack, and my face is now oh-so-smooth and soft to the touch! I’ve never used any masks that made my skin feel so soft before. Not to mention, it looks and smells rather delicious too…Domo couldn’t stop trying to lick my face. Haha. Girls and boys, I’ll definitely recommend you to go try it now! ( Don’t I just sound like an advertisement!)…On that, Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack is also quite another excellent product to try. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Recommendation!

  1. Yes! The strawberry thingy is GREAT! I use it too (when I’m not too lazy) and my face feels nice and smooth too. It’s a quick-fix for busy days…


  2. prissy: strawberry peel pack? is it the scrub? i’m using it…and i love it too! very mild yet effective as a scrub. jayine: hmm, the one im using currently is from Korea, but i think it should be available at the Laneige counters? i should go check it out ! ^^


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