Today’s a Good Day

I’ve been quite motivated to work of late. I was hit by a sudden wave of guiltiness for lazing around my arse all day and having too much fun doing so…and…and…I have to admit I was also motivated by this particular gorgeous miu miu bag I saw in store that day. mmm…

Anyways, so I’ve been good since yesterday. I went for rehersals for this piano accompaniment piece I’m going to play in March at the Art House, got really inspired by all the musical peeps and got home and practised my tinkling some more, and even researched on the net for more inspiration. A big part of me of course also worries that I’ll do really embarrassingly badly. (I can’t help it! I’m a perfectionist!)

After getting tired of tinkling on the keys, I started working properly (to hopefully cash the moolahs in) and started making phonecalls and posting up properties for sale on the internet. Did I mention that I’m helping my daddy with property sales? Wish me luck! And call me….if you know of anyone interested in buying/renting anything. I’ll be the friendly agent ever-ready to help. Haha. 😉

In between doing all that, I squeezed in extra-curricular time to play with Domo (made him go crazy chasing all his toys as I tossed them around all over the place) and played ‘zookeeper’ on my nintendo. 🙂

I definitely feel like I’m utilizing my time well!

Did I forget to mention that I had a surprise visit to my house? Thanks for coming all the way to deliver eye cream and xoxos Mr Noddy! 😀

2 thoughts on “Today’s a Good Day

  1. I quote: “I have to admit I was also motivated by this particular gorgeous miu miu bag I saw in store that day.”Jeez. Are we really sisters?*faints*


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