Star Awards 2007

We the ‘star-searchers’ were invited to this year’s Star Awards Post Party. It was really nice meeting up with everyone again!

Me….dolled up by the professionals, (thanks Sonya!) in the make-up unit’s toilet. Haha…I know…what a place to take pictures!

My favourite ‘cam-whoring’ partner…Priscilla. 😀

Korean guy from Goong singing…I couldn’t get a non-blurry photo!

Taiwanese boy-band 5566 giving a rather lacklusture performance to an equally un-enthusiastic crowd. I think everyone were more interested shouting out congratulatories to the winners that night and snapping pictures with everyone else!

Apple…(Joelle I haven’t seen you in ages! I miss ya!)

Hanwei 导师 who styled himself in a super cute outfit and bright red patent shoes.

Joanne in her super high killer heels! I need a pair of those too!!

‘杨管家’ and ‘小第’ from the 才华家族

Ezann whom I’ve not seen in ages! She looked gorgeous that night! 🙂

…And finally the ‘star-searchers’ with our 师姐 Felicia Chin.

4 thoughts on “Star Awards 2007

  1. Hey! Yes it has been awhile hasn’t it. But life is just work, sleep, eat…most weekdays. And then mad rush to get everything ready pre-wedding…most weekends. 😛


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