I’ve been wearing a lot of headbands because I’ve been given bangs and my hair was thinned down ALOT for easier styling. (not to mentioned dyed brown… 😦 )

My leopard hair camouflage:

Now that I can do whatever I please with my hair again…I trooped to Benny for a hair re-make.

Straightening, Dying, More cutting….(Benny in the hawaiian)

Finally…*ta~da*…very very black, straight hair:

(Someone said it was very ala “Jolin Tsai”…noooooo….. 😦 I did not take reference)

~ thank you so much Benny for the chemical and styling treats, dinner at PS Cafe and drinks at House. I owe you a huggeeeee one…..yes…once I start getting on a payroll again. Haha.

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