Happy 60th Birthday daddy!!! :D

The Goh family trooped to ‘Tung Luk Signature’ at Vivo City to celebrate daddy’s big 60th birthday. Wow… what a number, what an age. During dinner, My dad was telling us funny stories of himself when he was young and his first job at 17 as a policeman. Haha…yup! My daddy was a policeman when they wore shorts. 😀 He told us how he skived on his job, scoot off at the first sign of danger or trouble and mis-directed lost tourists whilst he was on duty because he was as clueless as they were. Haha…those really painted a darn funny picture of my dad in my head. He also told us how he longed to be a clerk whilst being a policeman and how he went on to take on courses so that he could qualify applying for the post of a clerk. After several tries and interviews…he finally got his dream job with the starting salary of a grand $210!! 😀

That’s the daddy I’ve always known. In my eyes, he has always been concientious, hardworking, organised, motivated and always striving to improve himself and learn new things. His road of life has been filled with ups and downs, and a large part of his life was dedicated to provide the best for us. Having reached the grand age of 60, and now that his 2 ‘princesses’ are all grown-up, he can finally take a back seat, relax a little and enjoy more of what the world can offer. 🙂 Happy Birthday Daddy…I wish you good health, bountiful of smiles and may you find that spark in simple everyday to live life with passion. *xoxoxoxo*

……………………………………………….the dessert monster*i live for sweets

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