21st August – 1st Episode

Time really flies! It’s been already about a month of preparations for the upcoming competition…and gasp…the date is drawing closer and closer!! Trailer for the programme have already been ongoing on TV and it’s only about a week away to the 1st episode and 2 weeks to my competition round… I’m quite excited! Hopefully all the ‘hard work’ this past month will pay off? :)Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to putting up a good show. 🙂 Stay tuned everyone!!

p.s Thanks sooooo much once again for all the comments, messages, support. Gambarimasu!! 加油! ^^

All 20 of us

Snaps from Sentosa…

Mucking around at the oversea’s contestant’s apartment~

Partyyyy time@Loof!!

Jackson brought us Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!! 😀 Reminded me soooo much of L.A. *yummmmmm*

Jackson – the doughnut bearer

We all work really hard….and play hard too. ^_^

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