Met the girls – yuqi and fionna for an ‘intense’ dinner at Tonkichi a couple of days ago. ‘Intense’ dinner, as mr lion calls it, is a dinner where I will meet up girlfriends whom I’ve not met for quite a bit, and where we will update each other with our life-stories…the bits where we last left off, at our last ‘intense’ dinner. 🙂

We all certainly had a very good, sweet, fulfilling…intense time. 🙂 (p.s hello to jieqing, singapore is indeed very small. we all find ourselves somewhat connected in some way! )

(Tonkichi reminds me of this quaint little restaurant in Osaka where I used to dine in everytime I stopped by Osaka!)

One thought on “"Intense"

  1. haha…intense indeed…and we were the last grp to leave in the restaurant. haha but i had loads of fun! let’s do ktv soon!Till our next intense session…*hugs* 🙂


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