2 Good Movies for DVD Nights :)

I have never been a big fan of Korean movies or drama serials…but! I caught two just this week and have to say they were rather good!

200 Pounds Beauty..

This is a romantic comedy about an obesed girl who sings fantastically well and goes through plastic surgery for the guy she secretly carries a torch for… in hope that he will fall in love with her.

I love the song “Byul” in this movie!! Her voice made my hair stand. Hmm.. the lead male in the movies also bears a strong resemblence to the Japanese actor Takuya Kimura. I’m wondering if he brought his photo to the plastic surgeon’s. *heehee*

I love this whimsical movie! The script was very believable considering it was set in a mental hospital. I love how the movie triggers my imagination with the colours, set and characters. Very out of the box…very creative. 🙂 It helped of course to have Rain play the male lead. 😀

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