Drum Lessons

My sis taught me drums last night! 🙂 She’s really quite good now…think I’ll give her a spot in my band. (if I do ever form one) heehee. It’s really fun banging on them…and trying to keep to the beat. I think my banging skill will come in extra handy when I’m feeling fustrated. heehee. I may just decide to become a full-time professional drummer now. 😀

It’s hard trying to coordinate the right, left hands and feet! But…my sis declared that I’m her best student to date. *BEAMS*

2 thoughts on “Drum Lessons

  1. haha…looking good…but don’t know the sound though…haha. make a video like your sis lah!p.s. – perhaps it’s cuz you’re her only student so far? hahaha. just kidding… =)


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