-Boiling Point-

I realise that I have been silly to have felt that tinge of ‘ feeling bad’ having resigned. My company have just turned around and bit me back in my face, leaving me fustrated and wounded.

So much for trusting their colourful words…’talk is cheap’! I want to rip-off their false pretence and shove it up their fat bottoms!!! Grrrrrr………..

3 thoughts on “-Boiling Point-

  1. hi sweets…i’m so glad you’re finally leaving that shithole. as for them turning around and biting you in the back…now you know why i left in a huff! *arghh* shit happens but well, at least you’re getting out of there. you’ll definitely find your fluffy clouds in neverland! =) catch up soon dearie! *muacks*


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