In Search of My *Neverland

I’ve done the deed…finally. 🙂 I decided at last that I can’t pretend I like what I do any longer and threw in the towel on friday.

It took quite a turn of events for me to finally have the ‘guts’ to resign, but I’m glad I did. No more waking up at 6ams!! ~Woo-hoo. I’m still waiting for notification of my last day… I hope it won’t be toooo long from now.

Meanwhile…what’s next?… I think i’ll help my daddy out with selling houses for now. (Anyone interested in buying/renting a property? Email me please! or drop me a message here. 😀 I’ll be off service!!)

….and, at the same time… I’ll be dreaming of blue skies and fluffly clouds whilst I go in search of my neverland. 😀 Wish me luck!!

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