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  1. hahaha…this always reminds me of the time when i was at my ex-gf’s place for dinner during christmas a few years back…she’s from a christian family (unlike myself), so before the meal, they would say grace, and everyone around the table was tasked to say what they thought love was (since it was christmas and all)…so everybody was talking about how “love is patient, love is kind”…which made me super nervous..then when my turn came, i just rattled off the first thing that came to my mind…”love is blind…hahaha.”there was a bit of an awkward silence across the dining room as i muttered my reply (which i meant as a joke btw)…and was finally ended when my ex-gf continued on with the “love is patient, love is kind” tradition…not before glaring at me with dagger eyes…haha.not really an experience that i would wish on other boyfriends…she broke up with me a few days after that…haha. but oh well…all’s well that ends well. haha. =)


  2. hahaha! thats a really funny story! but i can imagine how one would get all nervous and ‘brain-twisted’ when faced with gf/bf’s family!


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