Random Mid-Week Rambles

I was talking to my sis on yahoo messenger this morning and she said ‘ Can you please go update your blog…Its the ‘ooh i’m going to bangkok’ post everytime I go look at your blog. *rolls eyes…yawns…boring* Hahaha. SOooooooo…..here I am again. finally? πŸ˜€

But I realise..that I haven’t been blogging much because I don’t know what to say! haha. Opps… Except, that I have been super busy trying to write more songs (happy tunes to be exact…I realise I’m really really bad with happy tunes. Maybe I’m a closet melancholic, depressive girl.. hmm..that’s a thought to ponder. ) Anyways, as I was saying… I’m stil glitch on the happy tune writing bit. Help anyone?? Maybe you should all send me flowers and chocolates…so I’ll be really happy…..so that I’ll be able to write happy tunes. πŸ˜€ Good idea? Or noooo… how about…. sending me bag, shoes, clothing vouchers! I would be really really happy then…. My favourite stores are: Pedder Red (for shoes), Topshop, Zara (for clothes) and…. maybe another balenciaga bag (the red one is gorgeous!) would be good. Thanks guys…you are all the SWEETEST….. *muakssssssss* πŸ˜‰

Right. So you can all tell I’m rather bored at the moment….doing lunch duty at work. YUCKS. (twice in a row too!!!!!! *boo!*)

Completed the recording proper of my first demo song the other day. It is really really hard work in the studio! I took like 4 hours just recording 2 verses and a chorus. Almost fainted when i stepped out. 4 hours of non-stop singing..that’s a record. (for the record, I’m not very good at singing still…just in case you all are expecting a Celine Dion or something. :D) So.. bascially we took 7-8 hours just to record a complete song. Its in the process of mixing and editing now. Looking forward to the end product! πŸ™‚

Also, I’m in the ‘AIP’ programme with my music school – Hark Music. We are performing every Saturday (8pm) at the school’s little auditorium. Had my first performance just last Saturday. Quite nerve-wrecking, but fun at the same time. I have to learn new songs every week and go for rehersals as well.

So basically, I’m finding that I don’t have enough time! 😦 Maybe I should stop trying to do too many things at a time…

Oh!… And I’m also proud to announce that I have not shopped since I got back from Bangkok! Been 2 weeks already! πŸ™‚

Anyways, I think I should stop rambling…time to catch a little siesta before I have to get busy again. πŸ™‚ *muaks* Keep well everyone!

2 thoughts on “Random Mid-Week Rambles

  1. This is a really random thought that hit me after reading this blog entry of yours.We are really quite different despite being sisters. Not that I don’t already know but reading your post just reaffirmed it again.Wahahahahaha.


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