Broken Telephone

Do you remember playing the ‘broken telephone message’ when you were a kid, where a message is passed from one person to another and where the final messaged relayed by the last person is almost always contorted out of context?

I realise that even as you grow up, this ‘game’ is still constantly being played with the people around you, except this time, it is the real world, with real situations and real messages…and that this time, you are all not going to end up buckling with laughter over the distorted messages. Real relationships and friendships are thwarted by these so-called miscommunications and angry fingers are being pointed at each other for who said what.

Speech and words are a very powerful thing. Today, I was tangled in an ugly ‘broken telephone message’ game.

I am disappointed that this friendship/kinship that I thought was built on a solid foundation could not weather such a storm, -a storm that was brewed out of the ‘fine’ art of mis-communication.

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