I’m Back?

It’s been a week since I stepped out of the plane and was hit by the wave of heat and humidity. ~Into the arms of hot, sunny Singapore…I’m back. But, am I back? I have led the past week in motion blurness…living, but not entirely…only wishing to dive under my covers and hibernate through the lasts of winter in my mind.

Not that life is bad per se. Just not beautiful…not beautiful like a holiday. A winter holiday to be exact – where skies are a beautiful blue-grey, where the cold winds dance as we huddle for warmth, where the heart is light with a melodic tune playing within and where shoulders are free of the burdens of everyday life. It was a sweet surreal dream and I wish that father-time had been kind to prolong the moment…or even freeze the moment. But, as like always, these mystical creatures have never paid any heed to my pleas, and never will. Sadly, I stand all alone. I only wish my ‘magic porridge pot’ of strength will never run out… As i search for the ray of light to illuminate my path and lead me towards my neverland.

Here are snap shots of the one sweet dream that i just had, if any of you is interested in peeking. The stillness of the images do not hold justice to the feeling of euphoric high..but oh well. 🙂


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