Metal Rooster…me.

Ms Ene sent me an e-mail on my chinese horoscope reading for the year….Here it goes…..

Metal Rooster:

Some patience is still required for people who are born under the Rooster sign, as the inauspicious stars still outnumber the auspicious ones this year. Success is still hard to come by, while financial well being is still in the doldrums. What helps your luck is that you are able to excel in what you do, especially when dealing with a foreign element, though diligence is required to avoid disputes in deals with foreigners. A huge element that can deplete your thin luck further is the presence of mean people in the work place. If you are in business, beware of business partners and do not take things for granted – always double-check the procedures and the important paperwork.

Wealth element is weak. Avoid straining your situation further with risky investments, and do scrutinise your would-be collaborators before taking the plunge. Still, cash is king – the best strategy for money is to keep it.

Romance luck is eventful with much bad interference. If you treasure an existing relationship, protect it from gossips and be objective in discerning real problems from emotional ones. The former group is precarious while the latter group is merely vicarious.

:X Doesn’t look too good does it?

We continued with an exchange of more e-mails:

Me: Haha thanks! I’m a metal rooster…and gosh! The readings for roosters this year…very very very bad!!! geez…

Ms Ene: Oh is it ?! OH dear. Quick go and shower with flower water and hang crystals all over yr room and office!

Me: Oh shucks, yah I better!! Will ask mum to go and get the jasmine flowers…and play jay chou’s song ‘ju hua tai’ in the background. Lol. I’ll stick a red crystal on my forehead too – to ward off the bad luck!!!

Ms Ene: LOL!!! I can just imagine ! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Metal Rooster…me.

  1. Wood Rooster, age 63 (Born between 4/2/1945 12:20 – 4/2/1946 18:03)

    Fire Rooster, age 51 (Born between 4/2/1957 09:55 – 4/2/1958 15:49)

    Earth Rooster, age 39 (Born between 4/2/1969 07:59 – 4/2/1970 13:45)

    Metal Rooster, age 27 (Born between 4/2/1981 05:56 – 4/2/1982 11:45)

    Water Rooster, age 15 (Born between 4/2/1993 03:37 – 4/2/1994 09:30)

    Wood Rooster, age 3 (Born between 4/2/2005 01:43 – 4/2/2006 07:27)


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