I Wish It Was Magic

I opened my eyes this morning (early bluddy 6am) and squinted at the clock at the foot of my bed.

6.01 – it said…a little too loudly and clearly.

I ‘un-squinted’ and rubbed my eyes. I still saw ‘6.01’ in perfect 6/6 vision. I was jolted out of my blurriness…

‘perhaps an eye fairy found her way to me and magically corrected my normally R325 L250 bad eyesight!!’

Excitedly, I jumped out of bed and danced rather happily to my bathroom…until…

I saw my contact lenses case sitting prettily beside the sink, uncapped and empty.

I forgot to remove my lenses the night before…… ggahhhhhhhhhh!!! 😥

3 thoughts on “I Wish It Was Magic

  1. girl

    pls upload some of the pix taken on yr ‘bird day’ since i wasnt ard. thanks thanks! 😉

    looking forward to them.



  2. LOL!!! Sorry, but I burst out laughing when I read this. I’ve done it before too and I had similar thoughts as well. Until you notice those empty lens cases and realise that your eyes are really really dry.



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