J*neen is Hopping MAD

I am hyper-ventilating. I am soooooooo pissed i feel my heart wrenching and I think I may pop a vein soon.

The story goes – I sent my ibook to my ‘trusty’ mac handyman last week to take a quick check because my safari internet browser was not working. I thought the solution was pretty simple…reload the safari internet browser programme or something? When i collected my laptop, he breezily told me ‘ all done! you only need to update your iphotos and it’ll all work well. ‘

‘update my iphotos?’ I thought that was funny considering only my safari internet browser was down. Oh well…that sounded pretty simple to me anyhows, so I thanked him gratefully thinking he was such a sweet mac guardian angel…until……

I reached home, turned on my computer and the first thing that struck me was ‘hmm….my desktop wallpaper is back to it’s default picture? where did my pretty picture go?’ ….. Next, i tried to open my iphotos software but it doesn’t seem to work. ‘this iphoto version does not support your iphoto library’… it says….I curse silently and upgrade my iphoto software praying that it will work. After upgrading works, I try again.

To my horror, I discover that my iphotos is completely void of all my photos. I breathe in deeply and try and meditate a little so I won’t hit the roof. I peeked around and ha! found my photos hidden backed-up someplace else. Nice..except… my photos were not in their original sub-headed little folders. ie. x’mas in tokyo, xx’s b’day photos etc. They were all nicely split up into ‘rolls’ (this gets a little confusing because iphotos will automatically save your photos into different rolls etc etc..I’m really too pissed to try and explain now) There were just about 50000000 rolls of my photos!! To put it plainly, all my photos that I’ve painsakingly arranged over the years are ALL completely messed up. I resisted the urge of smashing my laptop against the wall. I blocked-out my emotions and again painsakingly arranged the photos slowly. I figured if I do a couple of rolls a day, I’ll complete them all in due time.

Next, I discover that this sweet mac guardian angel has named my ibook ‘JAneen’s ibook’. By this point, I am losing my ability to anger manage. I try to change the name back to ‘JEneen’ to restore some calm. I fail. Instead, I make matters worse by…you know what, I don’t even know what I did, but my ibook has a life of its own now. And it’s still named f#$%^^ ‘jAneen’.

I try and ignore my ibook by trying to write some music next, and to calm down a little. I turn to my ibook wanting to open my iGarageBand (a software that facilitates my music writing) only to discover…..he has deleted my software!!! By this point, I am about to throw my ibook into his face.

I look into my programme list and really really try not to get into a fit as I discover he has not only deleted my iGarageBand, but also my photoshop programme. In return, he installed a handful of useless #$%%^& softwares which I never had and don’t ever use into my once beloved ibook. My anger level is currently hovering beyond sanity.

I have just wasted many precious hours trying to sort out and restore some normality to my ibook and rectify problems that I didn’t even create. At the same time, trying to regulate my breathing and bring my heartbeat and blood pressure down to a normal level. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “J*neen is Hopping MAD

  1. Relax girl… dun have to get so angry.. just take the book back and explain to the gu wat you wan an dmake the changes to your Name as well. Stress at work everyday already… still get urself worked up at home.. not good for ur body hahahaha


  2. OMG! what a screwed up ‘repair job’. You should bring it back and demand the guy FIX IT.

    Oh well, at least your photos are actually still there. For a heart-stopping moment, I thought your pictures disappeared along with everything else.


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