Blast To The Past

I went party shopping for a retro-themed party over the weekend. I was transported back to nostalgia at this shop along Tan Quee Lan Street. It was brimmed with toys and snacks of the 70’s and 80’s – most still in their original packaging and glory! I felt like a child again as I gleefully filled my baskets with bits of my childhood again.

Hmm…if only life is as simple now as it was then through the eyes of a small 7 year old? Where life only revolved around playing catch, ‘5 stones’, simple card games and eating ‘super rings’ and ‘mamee’. =D

Ah well, but I did try and re-live that bit of childhood by having an afternoon of ‘snap’ and ‘5 stones’. We all went slightly hysterical. It was hilarious… I secretly think my mobile skills and agility were much better when i was 7?!?!

Candy Girl paper dolls! My favourite – except they have turned them into stickies now. =)

‘Snap’, ‘Happy Family’, ‘Old Maid’ (this game ain’t so funny now that we’re getting old and *gasp* becoming old maids..haha), ‘Reversi’…. I am a child again!

2 thoughts on “Blast To The Past

  1. We gave a pack of ‘Old Maid’ to a girlfriend who turned 30 as a joke gift. I think she wasn’t as amused as we were.Tee hee hee.


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