Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007!

It is that time of the year again.

As I prepare to bid a final farewell to 2006, I look back and muse over this past year.

With each passing of the last twelve months, I felt myself shed away the ‘baby-ness’ in me layer by layer – sometimes willingly and others, not quite willingly. Being 24, I no longer hear exclamations of what a young babe I am. And perhaps, it is by this ageing number that I find myself in a slight rush to take on more adult responsibilities and carve something out for myself that I can truly be proud of.

I am proud that I have been able to stop myself from getting lost in the clockwork motion of life and that I have been able to consistently check if I am moving forward everyday and not stalling.

I left the world of flying (goodbye blue skies and beautiful cities, sights and sounds) because I felt stagnated, and because I have seen what the world out there had to offer. I hungered for a bigger piece of the pie. There are things to be missed about flying, but I am never one to believe in looking back.

I delved head-on into the financial market in search of my money seed to plant. To date, I am still unsure if I have found that golden seed….but I’ll give myself some more time.

However, on this still very short yet rather turbulent journey, I see more bits of this universe and even more faces of people. And this, has put myself in many quiet moments where I question myself about life, myself and such. I struggle to find that optimum balance in my life as I pendular across the fine lines of contentment/discontentment, happiness/unhappiness, needs/greed and being real/plastic.

I am still bopping and bouncing. Hopefully soon, I’ll find that balanced gravity that will hold me centered. =) I am optimistic.

2006 also opened a new creativity door for me and prodded me down a fresh, exciting road – my Musical Journey. Through the right movements of the planetary stars, my music producer Jack and I crossed paths. He has been a motivator, teacher and most importantly believer. I have at times tortured him with my warbling vocals and not so perfect tunes, but yet he pushes me on. I constantly seek for new inspirations to write my songs and work on tuning my vocals. I know that soon, 我們的合作會擦出火花. I am excited!

In 2007, I hope to elevate what I’ve started off in 2006 to another higher level. I hope to stay even more focused in my dreams and aspirations, to inch a step closer towards my optimal balance in life and most importantly, to enjoy the simplicities of everyday with a genuine twinkling smile plastered on my face. =)

To end, I would like to thank these people who have made my 2006 a rather beautiful one! haha, I sound like I am receiving the oscars or something! ……

– mummy dearest, who has showered me with her unfailing love, patience and devotion.
– daddy, who has all his life worked so hard to provide us with the best.
– che, who has not only been a sister, but also a friend.
– mr lion, for all our good, happy play times, for being my support, pillar of strength, inspiration and steadfast emergency call number.
– elaine, for your sweetness, girly listening ear and believing.
– jack, for this opportunity. i will not let you down!

….and to all my lovely friends there who have put a smile on my face, shared my tears and laughter and made my 2006 complete. I LOVE you All!! -xoxo-


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