Pre-Christmas Cheers!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all you guys have had enough meat and sweets to last a year. 🙂 I did!!

My Christmas celebrations started on Friday at the boy’s sister’s dinner party. Food and sweets galore! They prepared a wonderful yummy Christmas spread. Mmm…

Oh! I have to add that the boy and I rushed to Takashimaya after my work-day ended (before his sister’s dinner party) to look for a gift for Glenda and Mark. I got them something nice for their new home and had a slight run-in with the ‘wrapping paper’ girl. In the spirit of Christmas, I am not going to mention what happened…but it really seems like that girl may get like 10 cents for every wrapper she helps Takashimay to save! Or maybe she was angry and disgruntled that she had to work near christmas – when everyone around her were shopping and enjoying the Christmas cheer. Sheesh! I am going to boycott Takashimaya till the end of the year! *fumes*

It was wonderful catching up with the girls again at Glenda and Mark’s place. More sweets there, after an already very filling dinner. 🙂 Everytime I’m with them (namely Glenda, Kabita, Rachel, Za…Val’s missing!) I feel transported back to my IJ days. They are hilariously funny. Za performed for us her ‘fit her entire fist into the mouth’ act. I was bending double from laughing way too hard. Haha! She for one has really flexible limbs! She would put a contortionist to shame. Heeeeeee……

Me and my best-est friend, Glenda. =)

I had a very nice afternoon tea session with Elaine on Saturday at Goodwood Park Hotel. I love those little finger sandwiches with soft white bread! Not to mention – scones and strawberryjam (my ALL time fav.) and their entire spread of cakes, chocolate fruit fondue…we ate till we could eat no more… Elaine got me a really funky top and an even funkier necklace. 🙂 Thanks dearie! I luve them!

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